6510 Hours of service performed

6510 hours of service performed

At the general meeting of the BRK-bereitschaft meeder, honors were bestowed on seven members.

Cornelia bromme, marcel meyer, manuela ruger and ulrike scheler were founding members of the BRK-bereitschafts-jugendgruppe 20 years ago.

Michael hofer, daniela ruger-meyer and beate simon joined the BRK youth red cross group 25 years ago. All have been loyal to meeder since then. The award for loyal service was presented by the head of the BRK-kreisbereitschaftsleiter claus weigand together with a certificate. On-call leader yvonne brautigam thanked the honored members with a small present.

Four blood donation dates

In her activity report yvonne brautigam loves to review the past year. A total of 6510 hours of voluntary service were rendered by the members free of charge. The head of the standby team spoke in detail about all the services provided. Four blood donation events were held, with 421 people donating blood, 25 of whom were first-time donors.

Brautigam explained the 6510 hours of service in detail. This included, for example, sanitary services at the landjugend-zeltfasching with the support of the wasserwacht rodental, the horse show, the "meedertag", and the "meedertag" with the sale of waffles as well as the rolling and racing event in the municipal area. The team took part in the jubilees of the TV ottowind and the BRK-bereitschaft memmelsdorf. At the sambafest the tea bar at the ehrenburg was again taken over. The joint summer party with the fire department meeder went well. The gluckshafen, which contributes to fundraising, stood at the village festival in neida as well as at the church consecrations in grobwalbur, beuerfeld, neida, meeder and ahlstadt.

The head of the standby team also mentioned the two old clothes collections and the visit to the respiratory protection course in ebersdorf. On the day of national mourning, the rangers participated in the march of silence to the st.-laurentius church and at the laying of the wreath.

Last year, 20 standby evenings were held, most of which were held by her deputy daniela ruger-meyer. At the end of the year the team met for a christmas party.

This year still no rough celebration

The meeder riot squad is 120 years old this year. There will be no grand celebration; this is planned for the 125th anniversary of the foundation.

Mayor bernd hofer thanked for the numerous hours worked and especially for the participation in the memorial day, in which less and less people showed interest. The blood donor honors did not take place before the municipal council meetings as in the past, but in a dignified setting at the honors evening of the municipality of meeder, which was well received, he said.

"Super mission" during the ICE-ubung

The activity report of the head of the red cross district preparedness team weigand said that the red cross community is alive and well in meeder. In 2020 there will be no parade at the sambafest, according to the latest information.

The "red cross be a sign of protection. At the same time weigand called it a trademark. The head of the district preparedness team spoke of a "super operation" at the ICE-ubung. The food supply for about 400 participants worked out excellently.

"Do not panic

The help does not end at the municipal border, but takes place in the entire district and beyond, emphasized the head of the district emergency team.

Regarding the coronavirus, weigand as well as burgermeister hofer expressed the opinion that one should not panic. More than hygiene with frequent hand washing and following the issued guidelines could not be done.

Furthermore weigand referred to upcoming dates and wished the readiness further a good cohesion. The summer festival will be held this year on 1. And 2. August held. Kagu

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