“Black panther” in the top ten list of box office hits

The hit movie "black panther" about a black superhero has made it onto the list of the ten most successful films of all time.

According to the disney studio, the acclaimed comic book adaptation by ryan coogler grossed 1.28 billion dollars (around 1.04 billion euros) worldwide, as reported by the U.S. Industry journal "variety". On the global top ten list, "plack panther" now occupies tenth place, while the disney film "frozen" slipped to eleventh place.

The list of the top ten is headed by "avatar" (2.79 billion US dollars), "titanic" (2.19 billion) and "star wars: the awakening of the force" (2.07 billion). Ahead of "black panther" in ninth place is "star wars: the last jedi" with 1.33 billion US dollars.

On the north american market, "black panther" surpassed the dinosaur spectacle "jurassic world" as the fourth-best box office hit of all time. In the USA and canada, the superhero film has already grossed more than 652.5 million dollars in seven weeks.

The superhero film from the marvel cosmos, which is almost exclusively cast with black actors, portrays the king’s son T’challa (chadwick boseman), who wants to take over power in the fictitious, technologically advanced african state of wakanda. In the fight for his reign, he can transform into the superhero black panther.

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