Resistance to u.s. Surveillance on the internet gains strength

resistance to u.s. surveillance on the internet gains strength

US bourger rights activists file a lawsuit and net activists mobilize with an internet campaign. Meanwhile, former U.S. Intelligence officer edward snowden, who launched the spying scandal, wants to stay in hong kong for the time being.

"I’m not here to hide from justice. I’m here to expose criminality," 29-year-old snowden told the hongkong newspaper south china morning post on wednesday. "I am neither a traitor nor a hero. I am an american." he hopes for the legal system of the chinese special administrative region. "My intention is to let the courts and the people of hong kong decide my fate," said the american, who, according to the newspaper, is staying at a "secret location".

This is how christmas ends on a contemplative note

With an impressive musical variety and thoughts on the christmas season, the guests were offered a contemplative christmas concert on the second christmas holiday in the parish church of sankt johannes zu isling. Participants were the roth vocal society, under the direction of brigitte wolf, the "rothkehlchen" children’s choir and the youth choir "ruamonics under the direction of stefan kriegel and the "ansbachtaler musikanten" with conductor dieter funk. With the "choral san marco for wind orchestra from the pen of sebastian tuschla-hoffmann opened the "ansbachtaler the concert.

"The choral society wanted to make a contribution so that christmas could end in an appropriate way and in a relaxed atmosphere", said chairman georg beuschel. The first vocal tidbit set the gesangverein with the song "jetzt fangen wir zum singen" (now we start to sing) by manfred meier. Between the individual performances, martina musmann-jager and doris pohner recited texts and poems. The "ansbachtaler musikanten finally delighted the audience with the well-known piece "herbei, ihr glaubigen" ("come, all ye faithful"). Afterwards the smallest performed: the children’s choir "rothkehlchen". 14 children, accompanied by stefan kriegel with the guitar, love "christmas time and "the holy three conies" skillfully sounded. The youth choir "ruamonics" founded in 2017 gave at "last’ christmas" and "feliz navidad its best. At the end of the varied concert, the "ansbachtaler musikanten" played the christmas carols potpourri "in the holy night". .

Many raised with: 3800 euro achieved for cystic fibrosis e.v.

3800 euro are the result of a charity auction, which took place on sunday evening at the 50th anniversary of the association. Landsknecht wine festival on the obervolkach wine festival square went over the stage. Auctioneer marco maiberger presented the audience with 50 auction items donated by businesses. Supported by the french wine queen carolin meyer and the local wine princess wenka feuerbach, the head of tourism animated all guests to participate in the auction.

Curiosities and vouchers

The palette ranged from beer kegs to travel and culinary vouchers to magnificent plants. Beneficiary of the benefit is the association mukoviszidose e.V. Lower franconia. Because the items were paid for immediately after the auction, the weinfestgemeinschaft obervolkach with its six active associations was able to hand over the sum immediately to the representative of the mucoviscidosis association, jacqueline remler.

Field becomes building land

Important decisions for the urban development of the market were made by the market town council schondra in its meeting. Thus, the land use plan, which was last changed in 2004, will be changed for the sixth time. The following changes are planned: in the area of the "heppengraben" development plan 1.94 hectares of agricultural land will be converted into residential land. There are inclusion statutes in schondra "an der rosse and "muhlstrabe and in schonderling on the village road. A total of 0.99 hectares of agricultural land will be converted into mixed building land. The committee commissioned the ARZ ingenieure office in wurzburg to change and digitize the new land use plan.
There was a need for discussion on the building applications. Heike and klaus kohl can build a double garage in the eichenstrabe in schonderling despite deviations from the development plan. The application of stefanie hufner, who wanted to build a shelter for two horses with a manure area and access road in schonderling, was postponed at the request of roman jorg (CSU) and mayor bernold martin (CSU) because of its proximity to residential development. The council wants to wait for the opinion of the district office on immission control. There was criticism of the building application by andreas wehner. The requested extension of a hay store to a barn has already been inspected, so three rates did not agree. Approval of the application for partial demolition and reconstruction of an agricultural building by hubert beck and roswitha rahn-beck. 

Horticultural club sends notice to foundation members

The association, founded in 1938 on the initiative of pastor martin and reestablished four decades later, also honored the women and men who dared to take the step toward reestablishment.

The chairman of the horticultural district association, markus stockmann, presented his pit and those of the state association to the accompaniment of the accordion orchestra of hammelburg. He expressed his thanks for the good cooperation and his praise for the numerous activities. "The commitment of the hammelburg association has long extended far beyond the city limits", stockmann said with regard to the participation in the state horticultural show in wurzburg.

An employee saw a glow of fire

An employee saw a glow of fire

Dagmar besand it was thanks to the alertness and quick reaction of an employee that a fire at the company arno friedrichs hartmetall gmbh& co. KG in mainleus has a mild outcome. Shortly after midnight, the 32-year-old on his way to the parking lot noticed a glow of fire in a part of the factory building where the hazardous materials warehouse is located.

Concern about hazardous materials storage

The man acted immediately and made an emergency call. At 0.19 o’clock the fire-brigade was alarmed, few minutes later were numerous emergency vehicles of altogether ten fire-brigades from the districts kulmbach and lichtenfels on the scene.

Vaccination team donates for children

Kulmbach hospital donates 6,000 euros to the children’s residential groups of the schwister gummi foundation. Managing director brigitte angermann, together with thomas banse, head of nephrology and dialysis and chairman of the hygiene committee, and michael ernst, head of hygiene, presented the donation. As part of the bavarian vaccination strategy, hospital employees could be vaccinated in the clinics.

2300 vaccinations were carried out at the kulmbach hospital, for which the state of bavaria paid a fee. The vaccination team at the kulmbach hospital decided to donate a part of these earnings to. Managing director brigitte angermann said: "we are very happy to be able to help locally". "For the vaccination team, it was quickly clear that we wanted to donate this amount", erklarte thomas banse "and we wanted to donate regionally".

May women join the memmingen city fishing group??

May women join the memmingen city fishing group??

May women in future fish out the town stream at the high point of memmingen’s fishing day?? At the start of a civil trial, the parties involved in the case failed to reach an agreement at memmingen district court in allgau on monday.

A female member of the organizing association wants to achieve that women are allowed to join the group of urban stream fishermen by means of a change in the bylaws. So far, only male residents of the city are allowed to do so after passing a fishing exam.

Dogs and drivers had a hard time in the heat

The may test of the sheepdog club forchheim-north became a challenge for all participants due to the rise in temperature over the weekend. The planned endurance test had to be cancelled because it can only be held up to 22 degrees.
The local group could send seven own and five guest dogs to the start. Judge was ingeborg balonier. Youngest dog, al capone von tiggermanns home showed with his 15 months the companion dog exam, led by martina hack, the first place of this exam level occupied heinrich mahr with his dog yaska vom spulsee. The augsburg model (subordination) was successfully demonstrated by doris reingruber with dog emy vom herzbach. Further one could congratulate isabella besold with her floyd von der burg wartenberg to the IPO1.
From the OG hirschaid helmut muller led the dog orchidee von der gewurzwiese in IPO3 and eugen bickel with eischa vom deutschen konigshof fpr1e. The driving dogs FH1 could achieve brilliant results, here refik can gun with cassi showed a faultless search work at the wornitz spring and achieved sensational 100 points. Bernhard pest with branko from sendellohe was able to secure his first qualification for the bavarian championships in FH1. Martina hack, who presented the FH1 level for the first time with her ruden eyk vom silvanerhaus, scored 80 points although a crow stole an object to be searched for from the drive. Marliese nagengast