“Tausendkunst” invites you to the festival

On easter saturday the "tausendkunst invitation to the opening ceremony in the welkenbacher kirchweg. This is a theater with singing studio, which is led by christian kaltenhauber and cornelia schmid.

Between 17 and 18.30 o’clock the public is invited to one and a half hours of open door. The two artists give an insight into their work, inform about the lessons, show all the rooms. Afterwards, the official ceremony will take place, for which a musical program has been prepared. Also a premiere is announced: silke gorner alias marla saris has composed a song and will present it together with the musician thilo zetzmann and the tausendkunst-makers cornelia schmid (soprano) and christian kaltenhauber (baritone).

Johannisverein applies for the use of two school rooms

A proposal by the johannisverein, which supports the kindertagesstatte st. Anna betreibt, occupied the members of the schondra market town council in their last meeting.

Marcus markert, as the chairman of the association, explained the proposal, which provides for the association to use two school rooms and the associated toilet facilities for after-school care. Before the club can apply for its own operating permit for the after-school care center, it must conclude a corresponding usage agreement with the municipality. The committee approved the conclusion of a contract for the permanent use of the pitch, with the exact conditions still to be determined.

Tv year 2019: tv moments of the year

tv year 2019: tv moments of the year

They were jarring, sad, bizarre, and sometimes downright hilarious – the best TV moments of the year.

Koln 50667: "koln 50667" mourned on 23. October around a friend. Actors of the reality soap say goodbye on screen to their colleague ingo kantorek who died in an accident. Kantorek made his last appearance that evening on rtlzwei as alex kowalski. A woman’s voice from offstage said: "alex, you have left us and koln forever. We will miss you infinitely and never forget you. And all the memories – they remain."

Children’s book publisher hans-joachim gelberg died

children's book publisher hans-joachim gelberg died

Longtime publisher hans-joachim gelberg is dead. The publisher and author died on sunday at the age of 89 in weinheim (baden-wurttemberg), as the beltz publishing group announced on monday.

Gelberg had campaigned to break down the separation between the worlds of children and adults with children’s books. As head of publishing, he challenged authors such as peter hartling and christine nostlinger, but especially janosch. Gelberg became one of the most important publishers of children’s and young people’s books of the post-war period.

Csu local association celebrated 40. Birthday

Csu local association celebrated 40. Birthday

What hermann bohm, founder and honorary member of the markt einersheim CSU, said about the development of the markt einersheim CSU in front of local political celebrities, representatives of the associations and members was quite entertaining.

Local chairman bent hanel led through the program. Three members were appointed honorary members: thea meidel, bernhard meidel and gabriele bohm.

Basket with harvest gifts

The parish and harvest festival of the parish st. Johannes
the baptism in uetzing began in bright sunshine with a festive procession into the parish church.
Led by the uetzingen brass band, the city's pastor georg birkel, representatives of the city and parish councils, and the boys and girls of the kindergarten were led into the house of worship in a solemn procession with their harvest offering carts.
Christian geldner provided the musical accompaniment to the service on the organ. After the funeral song "we sing with joy, the day begins" the kindergarten children moved into the gymnasium for their celebration, where the bible, the cross and the harvest offerings were the center of attention. Finally, for the our father, the little churchgoers went back into the parish church. The "maxis" were the the children brought baskets with harvest offerings and lined up at the altar.
On the fairground below the church was then invited to lunch in the marquee. The uetzing brass band, under the direction of tanja dusel, provided entertainment for the guests. The harvest offerings collected in advance could be purchased for a donation from the community members.
On the kindergarten grounds, the boys and girls had a great time on the swings and on the roller rink. In addition, the kindergarten staff made handicrafts with the little ones.
In the afternoon, the school orchestra "nussolinos" entertained the children under the direction of astrid krappmann the festival visitors. 

Graduates of the regiomontanus school coburg have the license to continue learning

The regiomontanus school in coburg – a state-run technical secondary school and vocational secondary school – has graduated 238 students with the vocational baccalaureate and 39 students with the general or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification.

The "fachabitur", the general and the "fachgebundene hochschulreife" are the highest school-leaving qualifications in bavaria, as principal and head of studies anton staudigl clearly pointed out in his ceremonial address. At 94.6 percent, the pass rate is higher than it has been for a long time. In difficult times such as the pigeon racing season, everyone needs their retreats and security, the attention of well-meaning people. The thanks of the school therefore go to all family members who took on these challenges and contributed significantly to today’s success, said staudigl. The principal also expressed his special thanks to all the teachers for the commitment they have shown for the benefit of the young people entrusted to their care.

Order of merit for gerlinde martin and other personalities

Order of merit for gerlinde martin and other personalities

Bavaria’s digital minister judith gerlach presented the federal cross of merit on ribbon to four deserving persons from the counties of kitzingen and wurzburg in a small ceremony at the roxy cinema in kitzingen on friday.

The four special people had never made much fuss about their cause. Federal president frank-walter steinmeier has now honored the work with the award of the federal cross of merit on ribbon, gerlach explained.

Environmental protection on the flag

The elementary school in ludwigsstadt was once again designated an environmental school at the beginning of december. Now that the sun is shining longer, the environmental flag can once again welcome all newcomers to the school from the mast.
In the past school year, the elementary school applied with the following topics: topic 1 – water as a habitat. Class 1 participated in the project class 2000 for the promotion of health, prevention of violence and addiction. On the subject of "healthy food healthy drinking" is also part of the program.
After a survey of the children’s drinking habits, various thirst quenchers were tested and water was found to be the best thirst quencher. The testers were amazed that the human body is largely made of water.
Class 3 focused on the cleanliness of the nearby habbach stream. Doris and jonas came with the DLRG’s aquamobile for this purpose. The students determined water quality and water resources and learned about the causes of water pollution. With the equipment of a stream researcher, the work began. Beaker magnifiers secured "booty. Stonefly larvae, amphipods, dog leeches, woodlice, tubeworms, mayfly larvae, boil fly larvae as well as pond mussels and snails were the spoils. In the classroom, the results were used to create a community project.

In the experimental laboratory

class 4 found out that water is more than just a liquid. Ice regulation training with the DLRG was on the program. In the experimental laboratory they found out that water can make things float or sink, that water can make the skin turn and that it can be destroyed with a winding agent and that you can create sound with water in a glass.
How much water does a person consume per day? Tips on how to use the precious water sparingly were discussed in the plenum and recorded in a table. A visit to the local clearing plant is still planned. A guided tour of the kodel reservoir is also planned.
The second theme was "our school environment becomes a classroom". The first class had a little guest every day in winter. A little squirrel visited the bird feeder in front of the classroom. Squirrels have been painted, kneaded, fed with nuts, traced in the snow and integrated in the new letter egg.
Class 2 went on a meadow excursion with ms. Schwarzmeier, the expert from the lauenstein youth forest home. Herb collections were glued into forest books, and herb soup was cooked and eaten. Class 3 documented the creation of the green classroom, which is also a nature grove, on the school grounds.
The flooded wet biotope was to be redesigned. With the help of a school mother, who is an architect by profession, the theater group and the third grade developed a concept, a flyer for the fundraiser and advertised with a theater piece in the forest in lauenstein. Mayor ehrhardt and representatives of the bavarian forestry administration supported the project.
After parents, schoolchildren and many other helpers got involved and the local economy donated large sums, the nature stage could be festively inaugurated.
For the opening ceremony "franconian forest, forest area of the year 2017" the theater group performed the self-written play "so soll es bleiben" ("this is how it should stay"), a piece about sustainable forestry, in neufang on. After this performance mr. Korlin from the forestry administration promised wood for the pedestals.
Class 4 planted a chestnut tree on the school grounds. The annual honorary prize of the district went to the rennsteig this time. District administrator marr took the opportunity to plant this tree together with mr. Kratkai from the orchard society and mayor ehrhardt.