Coburg audience celebrates roland kluttig and the philharmonic orchestra

Coburg audience celebrates roland kluttig and the philharmonic orchestra

The evening in the well-attended landestheater offered a french-italian program. In the beginning there was a coburg first – the 1849 first 3. Symphony in G minor by louise farrenc.

The celebrated soloist in niccolo paganini’s hair-raisingly virtuosic sonata per la grand viola was zhuo lu, the solo violist of the philharmonic orchestra.

The crowning finale after the intermission was the stirring performance of the symphonie fantastique by hector berlioz.

The program will be presented on monday, 2. March, repeated in the state theater. The concert will start at 20 o’clock.

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Around the next concerts of the landestheater

Chamber concert 3. Chamber concert in coburg town hall – sunday, 8. March, 11 am children’s concert bella and beethoven – 19. March, 10 and 11 a.M., 12. April, 11 a.M. – theater in der reithalle choir concert eine kleine nachtmusik – children’s and youth choir of the landestheater, 28., 29. March, 6 pm, theater in der reithalle chamber concert 4. Chamber concert in the town hall, 5. April, 11 a.M. Advance sale tickets are available at the tageblatt office.

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