Comedy in front of a historical backdrop

At the village festival of the heimatverein on father's day, thursday, 30. May, the "ritanswies castle theater" brings the hans-sachs classic "the dead man on the town hall stage

A great place to celebrate under the lime trees in the idyllic town hall garden on the village square in reiterswiesen. Every two years, the botenlauben local history society puts the old town hall from 1703 in the center of its village festival.

As a tip for father's day, the botenlaubenverein offers not only a welcome stop after the excursion or the bike tour, but also a varied program beyond bratwurst and beer.

Franconian dances

Already at the early pint the children may be fired up with french dances, then the original reitsch'wies lentil soup will be served, the village oven will be started and the still warm farm loaves will be sold. In addition, visitors to the museum heimatstube can delve deep into local history under expert guidance.

This year, the focus is on the complete "tailor's workshop wilm from the 1950s, but also a corner is dedicated to the shoemaker's trade, because with hans sachs a special "shoemaker and poet to it" his rough appearance. In front of the half-timbered backdrop of the town hall, the "ritanswieser burgtheater" brings the nurnberg rhymesmith, who looked the people in the mouth with such incomparable subtlety.

Turbulent test of love

"The dead man, is a turbulent test of love between husband and wife, spied on and deceitfully exploited by the "always ready" neighbors. 30 minutes of laughter at such dialogues in front of the supposedly dead husband: wife: "oh neighbor, the situation is difficult" neighbor: "now he doesn't eat bratwurscht anymore".

There is also a lot of fun at the children "s gala. The village fountain will again be the center of lively fun as a fountain for washing clothes.

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