Course set for success

The low point seems to have been overcome. The privileged guardian society, the oldest association in sonnefeld, which was founded 465 years ago, has stopped the loss of members, is again cultivating social life and can look back on a training life with increasing performances in the guardian sport. With the confirmation of dieter hummel in the office of the guardian, the members at the general meeting in the association's own guardian house set the course for the continuation of the successful course. This was confirmed by hans georg rebhahn (marktzeuln) in his greeting at the beginning of the not everyday round of honors. The third gauschutzenmeister (district guardian) praised the work of gerhard barth, who has been active and successful from young to senior guardian. Barth was two-time sonnefeld guardian king and was active in the guardian and the guardian leadership. In 2004 he was appointed honorary member. Under applause of the members the protectorate badge donated by duke franz of bavaria was pinned on him.
For almost six decades front dieter hummel the pushing sport in sonnefeld. He acted as a flag-bearer, twice wore the royal chain of the society, stood six times as a knight on the guardian festival stage. Appointed honorary member in 2007, he took the helm as schutzenmeister in 2014. Rebhahn: "he could not allow his privileged to be left to an uncertain future". Hummel's initiative was recognized by the DSB/BSSB with the award of the german protectorate badge, donated by andreas prinz von sachsen, coburg und gotha. Further certificates and honorary pins were awarded to dieter braasch for 60 years of membership, wolfgang herr for 50 years, susanne ramster for 25 years and the janitor team petra and michael scheler. Mayor michael keilich expressed his appreciation and thanks to the responsible persons of the guardian society. He considered the high awards as a reward for his life's work. Dieter hummel was elected as guardian, hanne hummel as second treasurer, monika berghold as secretary; committee members are jutta koch, petra scheler, michael scheler and thomas angermuller. 

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