Cross of merit for winfried strauch

Cross of Merit for winfried strauch

Bavaria’s minister of health and care, melanie huml (CSU), presented the cross of merit on ribbon of the order of merit of the federal republic of germany to seven committed citizens from swabia, upper franconia and the upper palatinate on behalf of the federal president. Huml stressed on the occasion of the ceremonial award in castle seehof: "the federal order of merit is the highest recognition of the federal republic of germany. The award is given to people who have made a special contribution to others. They are role models for us to follow and exemplify the social face of our country. They are heroes of our time."

One of the excellent is dr. Winfried strauch from bamberg, who was honored for his voluntary work for the malteser hilfsdienst (malteser relief service). The former head of the bamberg health department was involved in numerous missions (including world youth day, catholic day as an emergency doctor) in germany, but also abroad as a medical supervisor of the altar boys’ pilgrimages or at rough missions in albania and russia. He is the main initiator of the "help for st. Petersburg" campaign. Petersburg", at the until 2010 homeless, impoverished pensioners and people with disabilities in st. The members of the board were provided with clothes and a soup cake.

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