Csu local association celebrated 40. Birthday

Csu local association celebrated 40. Birthday

What hermann bohm, founder and honorary member of the markt einersheim CSU, said about the development of the markt einersheim CSU in front of local political celebrities, representatives of the associations and members was quite entertaining.

Local chairman bent hanel led through the program. Three members were appointed honorary members: thea meidel, bernhard meidel and gabriele bohm.

As early as the end of the 1960s, CSU supporters were considering founding a local association, since other groups had already established themselves. The official date for the founding of the association is 4 april. November 1972 at the red rob inn in the party annals. Co-founders were nikolaus knauf and adolf fritsch. Hermann bohm led the local association for ten years. In the 1972 municipal elections, the CSU in markt einersheim won four of the twelve seats on the town council. Even today, the CSU still provides four market town councils.

As early as 1975, the CSU in markt einersheim numbered 60 members. The activities of franz zepter’s family, the founding of a local branch of the CSU workers’ union, known as the CSA for short, also coincided with this period. The list of successful projects and other events presented by hermann bohm was also long, starting with the letter to minister-president franz-josef straub demanding that the hellmitzheimer bucht elementary school remain in markt einersheim, and ending with the former graphical castle, which has not become a museum but now serves as the residence of nikolaus knauf and his family.

Nikolaus knauf has been a local councillor for 40 years and a member of the district council in kitzingen for 34 years. Knauf was deputy mayor for two periods and provisional mayor in the market town for one year.

Sad events were the accidental deaths of gonners alois fritsch and his wife martha in 1981 and of franz zepter in november 2005. In 2000, the CSA local association celebrated its 25th anniversary with franz zepter. Horst seehofer held the keynote speech at the time.

Christine bender, member of the district parliament of lower frankonia, said she took her hat off to the founding fathers. Dean martin ost told the politicians off. Parties act only as representatives of the citizens. A basic social consensus is necessary, but the search for it is an arduous task. Mayor bruno gamm represented the market town council during the congratulations. Member of the state parliament otto hunnerkopf came from munich at a late hour to congratulate the building.

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