Dicaprio happy about vegan menu at golden globes

Dicaprio happy about vegan menu at golden globes

Actor leonardo dicaprio (45, "the revenant") thanks golden globes organizers for serving up an all-vegan menu at sunday’s awards ceremony. "Thank you HFPA," he wrote on twitter on thursday.

The hollywood foreign press association (HFPA) has been hosting the awards ceremony for motion pictures and television shows since 1944. It is the first time that a major event in hollywood has completely dispensed with meat and all other animal products in its menu, reports the u.S. Celebrity portal "hollywood reporter.

The food sequence is a step towards more sustainability: the climate crisis is here, and the new year and the new decade are being thought of, HFPA president lorenzo soria is quoted as saying. The aim is to send a positive signal.

Dicaprio has long been an advocate for environmental and species protection. In december he criticized in brazil and illegal mining in the amazon region. The hollywood star has already clashed several times with the right-wing brazilian president jair bolsonaro.

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