Dogs and drivers had a hard time in the heat

The may test of the sheepdog club forchheim-north became a challenge for all participants due to the rise in temperature over the weekend. The planned endurance test had to be cancelled because it can only be held up to 22 degrees.
The local group could send seven own and five guest dogs to the start. Judge was ingeborg balonier. Youngest dog, al capone von tiggermanns home showed with his 15 months the companion dog exam, led by martina hack, the first place of this exam level occupied heinrich mahr with his dog yaska vom spulsee. The augsburg model (subordination) was successfully demonstrated by doris reingruber with dog emy vom herzbach. Further one could congratulate isabella besold with her floyd von der burg wartenberg to the IPO1.
From the OG hirschaid helmut muller led the dog orchidee von der gewurzwiese in IPO3 and eugen bickel with eischa vom deutschen konigshof fpr1e. The driving dogs FH1 could achieve brilliant results, here refik can gun with cassi showed a faultless search work at the wornitz spring and achieved sensational 100 points. Bernhard pest with branko from sendellohe was able to secure his first qualification for the bavarian championships in FH1. Martina hack, who presented the FH1 level for the first time with her ruden eyk vom silvanerhaus, scored 80 points although a crow stole an object to be searched for from the drive. Marliese nagengast

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