Field becomes building land

Important decisions for the urban development of the market were made by the market town council schondra in its meeting. Thus, the land use plan, which was last changed in 2004, will be changed for the sixth time. The following changes are planned: in the area of the "heppengraben" development plan 1.94 hectares of agricultural land will be converted into residential land. There are inclusion statutes in schondra "an der rosse and "muhlstrabe and in schonderling on the village road. A total of 0.99 hectares of agricultural land will be converted into mixed building land. The committee commissioned the ARZ ingenieure office in wurzburg to change and digitize the new land use plan.
There was a need for discussion on the building applications. Heike and klaus kohl can build a double garage in the eichenstrabe in schonderling despite deviations from the development plan. The application of stefanie hufner, who wanted to build a shelter for two horses with a manure area and access road in schonderling, was postponed at the request of roman jorg (CSU) and mayor bernold martin (CSU) because of its proximity to residential development. The council wants to wait for the opinion of the district office on immission control. There was criticism of the building application by andreas wehner. The requested extension of a hay store to a barn has already been inspected, so three rates did not agree. Approval of the application for partial demolition and reconstruction of an agricultural building by hubert beck and roswitha rahn-beck. 

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