First steps in the village renewal of oberlangenstadt

The recently elected board of directors for the village renewal of oberlangenstadt-hummenberg has constituted itself and made its first important decisions.

Priority for the board are the muhlbach and the historic sandstone bridge in the old post office street.

The core area of hummenberg is also to be planned at an early stage. Preparations are also being made for the new local chronicle, so that the contract can soon be awarded.

Important resolutions

Under the leadership of chairman joachim block of the amt fur landliche entwicklung (ALE; bamberg), the board constituted itself and took important basic decisions.

Wolfgang neumann was elected local commissioner for the village renewal process in oberlangenstadt and thus a link between the ALE and the board of directors. The board of directors appointed markus suhm as master path builder and uwe hofmann as master planter.

The approval to join the association for rural development was also given without any problems. Important planning services are to be carried out via the association.

"I am pleased that the new board is getting down to work quickly", burgermeister bernd rebhan (CSU) praised the commitment. He thanked the ALE for the very constructive cooperation.

Signal given

With a view to the rough need for action in the municipality of oberlangenstadt, the go-ahead for the planning services is an important signal

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