Flashlights in the church

Flashlights in the church

Karl-heinz hofmann the parish of maria geburt glosberg kicked off the advent season with an unusual church service by torchlight. Church leader and parish secretary annette urban could hardly believe how many visitors she could bury who had come with flashlights.

Special picture

The venerable pilgrimage church of the birth of mary in glosberg, where all the lights had been switched off, presented a special picture. Annette urban and church administrator martina stumpf had the idea of spending a pleasant evening in the church to kick off advent and then meeting in the forecourt of the pilgrimage church for gluhwein and sausages with music and good entertainment. More than 40 fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers came to the pilgrimage church with their children and grandchildren to accompany church leader annette urban to the sacred figures and treasures of this almost 300-year-old house of worship. Flashlights were only allowed to be switched on on instruction.

Gluhwein, sausages and brass music from the glosberg music society awaited the visitors. The children emma greser and lara muller enriched the evening with a sketch about "the search for nicholas".

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