Forchheim district: new municipal council starts right away with combat votes

Since the 1. May the new hausen municipal council is in office and has been elected. The first official acts of the new community body included filling the positions in the committees and electing the representatives to the committees. The election of the mayor’s deputies was also on the agenda. Mayor bernd ruppert (CSU) began the constituent meeting by congratulating the newly elected and re-elected members on their entry into the round and swearing in matthias mauser (grune), thomas schmitt (UWG), corina grimm (CSU), maximilian schmitt (JUW), kristina lindner (grune) and heike wagner (CSU) as new municipal councilors. "From the point of view of the administration and the previous board, you are taking responsibility for a well-ordered hospital", he stated. Still, a "heavy workload and difficult decisions" await to the new community council. "We will not be spared unpopular measures and decisions", warned ruppert. Ruppert promised to support the council as best he could, together with his staff, and to provide it with information and good, comprehensive meeting documents. In addition to the development of the structures and subject areas in the administration into a modern service provider, ruppert outlined key topics that the committee will have to deal with in the coming years, such as the renovation of the multipurpose hall, the closing of building gaps and the realization of lighthouse projects.

Most important task

"Our most important task, however, remains to separate what is feasible from what is desirable, clarified ruppert. The new mayor then bid farewell to anita dennerlein, renate kupfer, bianca steppert, roland tischer and barbara schmitt as well as gerd zimmer (in absentia) from the committee. "I would like to thank you very much for your great commitment to our community", said mayor ruppert.

The elections

Then various elections were held. Dieter gobwein (B) was elected as first deputy mayor on the proposal of mayor ruppert with 9:8 votes ahead of his competitor thomas schmitt (UWG). In the election for the third mayor, roland garcon was nominated from the ranks of the UWG as the second strongest fraction. Here, franz josef ismaier (CSU) sent his party colleague johannes stadter into the race, which prompted gerlinde kraus (SPD) to remind mayor ruppert that he had said at the beginning of the meeting that they wanted to work together objectively in the new legislative period. It is all the more surprising that the UWG, as the second strongest faction, is now being denied not only the office of the second, but also that of the third mayor. "Remembering your election in 2014 as the second mayor", said kraus "then we elected you unanimously across all factions. It is all the more incomprehensible that the CSU claims all three mayors for itself." mayor ruppert said that he had made it clear in the caucus meeting that he favored dieter gobwein as his deputy because he had been working well with him all along. That another candidate is now being proposed does not come from him. Johannes stadter was elected as the third mayor in the following ballot with 10:7 votes. Katja steinbrenner and maximilian schmitt were appointed as representatives of the municipality in the audit committee. Maximilian schmitt was newly appointed to the wastewater association’s audit committee. Matthias mauser will be a member of the freshwater association’s audit committee in the coming years.

Vacation committee

The construction committee and its members were appointed as the vacation committee. Corina grimm was appointed as youth representative for the municipality of hausen, and christoph keiner for the district of wimmelbach. The committee also unanimously approved the new bylaws and the bylaws regulating questions of local municipal constitutional law.

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