Gave impetus to habfurt and hofheim

Gave impetus to habfurt and hofheim

Bavaria’s minister of the interior joachim herrmann (CSU) has awarded two municipal politicians from the habberge district the bronze municipal medal of merit. Former district councilor and habfurt city councilor werner holzinger and the second mayor of hofheim, bernd blatt, were honored. The president of the government of lower franconia, paul beinhofer, presented the medals in wurzburg on friday and honored the two prizewinners.

From 1983 city councillor
werner holzinger was active in local politics until recently, a total of 30 years. Since 1983 he has been a member of the habfurt city council. From 2001 to 2008, he served as chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, and between 2000 and 2002 as a member of the supervisory board of schnell-im-netz gmbh.

He was also a member of the habberge district council from 1989 and deputy district administrator from 1990 to 2002. Holzinger left both the city council and the district council only this year. Health reasons prompted him to do so.

During his time as a city councilor, holzinger "contributed to the positive development of the city of habfurt", beinhofer praised in his laudation. During this time, an enormous expansion of the city’s infrastructure has taken place, said the speaker, citing as examples the construction of a leisure center with swimming pool and ice rink, the conversion of the former baywa warehouse into the city hall as a cultural center in the heart of the city, the redevelopment of the old town, combined with the redesign of the market square and the main street, as well as the construction of an underground car park.

Furthermore, during this time, great attention was paid to the renovation of the historic buildings, such as the old town hall. As the former head of the main school in hofheim, holzinger had brought his broad knowledge of educational issues to bear on the work of the city council.

The second honoree: bernd blatt has been a member of the hofheim town council for over 29 years. In may 1990 he was elected third mayor, six years later second mayor. He still holds this office today.
"You have contributed significantly to the positive development of the city of hofheim during your time as a member of the city council and as deputy mayor", beinhofer announced the hofheim.

In this context, the urban infrastructure should be highlighted in particular. "For example, with their help, the expansion of the rubble construction in the rugheim district, a listed building dating from around 1600 that is used by the district of lower franconia as a conference and cultural center, was pushed forward. The expansion of the sewerage system and water supply was another focus of attention. A current project is the renovation of the "open-air swimming pool", described beinhofer.

Sense of justice
as a lawyer specializing in housing law, blatt had for decades contributed his expertise, perseverance and sense of justice to the good of the city.

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