Graduates of the regiomontanus school coburg have the license to continue learning

The regiomontanus school in coburg – a state-run technical secondary school and vocational secondary school – has graduated 238 students with the vocational baccalaureate and 39 students with the general or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification.

The "fachabitur", the general and the "fachgebundene hochschulreife" are the highest school-leaving qualifications in bavaria, as principal and head of studies anton staudigl clearly pointed out in his ceremonial address. At 94.6 percent, the pass rate is higher than it has been for a long time. In difficult times such as the pigeon racing season, everyone needs their retreats and security, the attention of well-meaning people. The thanks of the school therefore go to all family members who took on these challenges and contributed significantly to today’s success, said staudigl. The principal also expressed his special thanks to all the teachers for the commitment they have shown for the benefit of the young people entrusted to their care.

Staudigl: qualification opens previously closed doors

with the receipt of the certificate, the graduates are certified of an important achievement in their lives. The value of this qualification, whether "fachabitur", "high school graduation" or "subject-linked university entrance qualification, is measured solely by what is made of it. According to staudigl, today’s certificate is a license to continue learning. This qualification alone will not earn a cent, but the qualification achieved now opens doors that were previously closed. "The qualification certified today obligates and virtually requires further learning." today a milestone in the life course of all graduates has been reached and a moment of pause is necessary. But then we have to look forward again. In addition to the very personal plans for shaping the future, the company needs these graduates. Education and training must not be an end in themselves, warned the headmaster. "Society has invested in them, now the return must come."

According to anton staudigl, the federal republic of germany has very few raw materials. There is nothing in the ground, no oil, no gas and no rare earths, but there is the raw material of the mind. Bavaria offers an outstanding range of educational opportunities that lead to resourceful minds like those of today’s graduates. "All our prosperity depends on education as a raw material", staudigl emphasized. Only if we continue to lead with our products from germany can we maintain our standard of living and survive in the globalized world. At this graduation ceremony, all the successful graduates were certified as having a technical college entrance qualification or higher education entrance qualification, staudigl made clear. This maturity also means a mouthful and a willingness to take responsibility and virtually obliges one to get involved and take on responsibility in society. "Our democracy needs mouthy citizens, needs committed members who get involved, who have their say, who don’t leave decisions to others."

They graduated with a grade of 1 before the decimal point: leon kinninger, jessica gerlicher, lea schamberger, polina gumenscheimer, marco wendler, alina schremmer, eva dellert, tim greiner, amelie baumer, maximilian grempel, miriam rohse, leon gartner, jannik wolf, tatjana zithof, jan glodschei, konstanze muller, niklas zehner, kathrin keller and simon lorenz.
The best students in the business school are niklas zehner and in the social work school kathrin keller.

For his social commitment the chairman of the forderverein ulrich herbert honored the graduate marco wendler.

The regiomontanus school held a typing campaign for possible bone marrow donation in the 2016/17 school year. Among the 183 new potential donors there was one "hit given to maximilian grempel. He agreed to the donation and thus helped a young american, said dr. Ulrich herbert. For his willingness and selfless, determined action, maximilian grempel was awarded the regiomontanus prize for "social commitment excellent.

Lea schamberger (vocals), robert dicker and kai furst as well as gabriella haas were responsible for the musical performance at the graduation ceremony.

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