Horticultural club sends notice to foundation members

The association, founded in 1938 on the initiative of pastor martin and reestablished four decades later, also honored the women and men who dared to take the step toward reestablishment.

The chairman of the horticultural district association, markus stockmann, presented his pit and those of the state association to the accompaniment of the accordion orchestra of hammelburg. He expressed his thanks for the good cooperation and his praise for the numerous activities. "The commitment of the hammelburg association has long extended far beyond the city limits", stockmann said with regard to the participation in the state horticultural show in wurzburg.

The manifold engagement of the OGV hammelburg was not hidden, said the deputy mayor reimar gluckler (CBB). He cited decorating the wankel fountain, which was restored a few years ago, and participation in county exhibitions as examples. Gluckler wished the association the famous "green thumb" and many, young members.

District chairman stockmann, association chairwoman ute merz and deputy mayor gluckler then honored the re-foundation members who had helped the orphaned horticultural association get back on its feet 40 years ago with the golden association pin of honor. Norbert binder, august oschmann, siegfried herterich, armin schlereth, heinz-walter scherpf and franz becker were able to accept the award.

Emma weibenberger was awarded the silver badge of honor for 25 years of association loyalty. The bronze pin for 15-year membership was awarded to waltraud schlereth, michael glanz, matthias and stefan ruppert, stefan seufert, andreas trunk, gerlinde brustmann, rudolf teichmann, edith and johannes deinlein, and therese loose-englert.

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