May women join the memmingen city fishing group??

May women join the memmingen city fishing group??

May women in future fish out the town stream at the high point of memmingen’s fishing day?? At the start of a civil trial, the parties involved in the case failed to reach an agreement at memmingen district court in allgau on monday.

A female member of the organizing association wants to achieve that women are allowed to join the group of urban stream fishermen by means of a change in the bylaws. So far, only male residents of the city are allowed to do so after passing a fishing exam.

The plaintiff from memmingen sees this as inadmissible discrimination; the association invokes the freedom of association and the preservation of a centuries-old tradition. Twice, the woman had submitted amendments to the association’s bylaws at delegates’ meetings, but failed by a clear margin in each of the votes. Thereupon she complained.

A first hearing at the district court in april had been cancelled due to the corona pandemic. The presiding judge katharina erdt set the date for the pronouncement of the verdict for 31 december 2009. August festival.

Every year, the fishing day in memmingen attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the town in the allgau region of germany. Highlight of the traditional festival is the fishing of the town stream. The one who catches the heaviest fish can call himself "fischerkonig" for one year. According to the fishermen’s day association this is the highest honor in the life of a real man from memmingen. The role of guarding the water cubbies for the caught fish was reserved for the women. Criticism also comes from animal rights activists who see the event as animal torture.

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