More money also for self-help in the habfurt district

Bavaria’s statutory health insurance funds are providing a record amount of funding for health-related self-help this year. According to information from the fordergemeinschaft der krankenkassenverbande, a total of over 9.3 million euros (2017: around 7.9 million euros) will benefit the self-help groups, the state organizations of self-help and the self-help contact points in bavaria this year. This represents an increase of almost 18 percent on the previous year. According to an announcement by the habfurt district office, the self-help demand in the habberge district also benefits from this increase.
In self-help groups, patients and their families come together to help each other cope with the consequences of chronic illnesses. For the health insurance companies in bavaria, this commitment is an indispensable part of the medical care system, as it is known.
The bulk of the funding, 4.6 million euros (2017: 3.9 million euros), goes directly to the 2316 self-help groups in bavaria. With 13 regional roundtables throughout bavaria, the health insurance funds ensure easy access to the demand funds.
The regional round table of the health insurance funds in lower franconia in wurzburg is responsible for the groups from the habberge district. A total of 26 self-help groups that submitted an application received a claim from this pot for their work.
In 2018, the health insurance funds will provide over 1.4 million euros for the diverse tasks of the 54 regional self-help organizations. These organize training courses, seminars, conferences and meetings for their members. They also produce information material and, as representatives of the self-help community, take a stand on important health and sociopolitical issues.
In addition to the self-help groups and the state organizations of self-help, the 34 self-help contact points in bavaria will receive 2.5 million euros this year (2017: 2.1 million euros) for their work. They support the self-help groups in the regions in setting up and running them, are the point of contact for all those interested in self-help, put people in touch with those affected and offer training courses.
The contact and information center for self-help (KOS) at the habberge district office received a claim of 46,000 euros for its work this year. This self-help contact point is supported by the habberge district office.

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