Needle flood for loyal members

At the general meeting of TV dettelbach, it was a tight squeeze in the hall of the gasthaus engel, according to a press release. The association had invited many long-serving members to be honored. But some were prevented by illness or vacation trips.

Chairman andrei volf opened the meeting. The honorees were awarded the silver or gold badge of honor of the gymnastics club, certificate or honorary certificate, depending on the number of years of membership, and members with 40 years and more of club membership were also awarded certificates and honorary badges from the bavarian state sports association.

For 25 years: thorsten doring , holger laurus and christine paulus. For 30 years: kathrin schatzle, klaus and bernd olszowi and markus weidt. For 35 years: michael dill, ludwig frebert, christine richter, manfred berge and jurgen knorr. For 40 years: wolfgang hering, michael kunz, roland meyer, gunther paulus, heidi schellenberger, gerlinde apfelbacher, klaus dinter, christine horn and wolfgang knauer. For 45 years: renate plannasch, gerhard schneider and rainer keller. For 50 years: karl reinbott and dieter schoneberger. For 55 years: michael heinrich and walter schmitt. For 60 years: hubert graber and klaus ludwig.

The board thanked for so many years of loyalty and noted that especially the members with 55 and 60 years of association membership have been with the association longer than the board is old.

In the annual report andrei volf showed that the number of active members remained constant at 628. The association is happy about the increasing number of members. As far as the much discussed women’s quota in germany is concerned, the association has no problems with 51 percent male and 49 percent female members.

The department heads, treasurer and secretary (benedikt altenhofer) presented their annual reports and spoke of good to very good membership numbers depending on the department, but are also looking forward to more members, such as tennis or taekwondo.

The two departments with the largest number of members, handball and table tennis, can look back on a rough number of teams in different classes and victories.

The elections were quickly completed, and the chairman of the election committee, albert krissmer, was very pleased. Two years ago, an extraordinary general meeting had to be held. All positions were filled unanimously.

There have only been changes in two positions. Sabine zischler left the club after six years as treasurer and will remain in evi meyer’s department as a trainer. The board of directors thanked her for her work over the years and wished her successor much success in his new office. Their successor became stefan sattes as planned. The position of representative for the active team passed from hans-peter burger to bernward unger. The club’s leadership is made up as follows:

Chairman andrei volf, deputy arno reimer, treasurer stefan sattes, secretary benedikt altenhofer, passive representative roland meyer, active representative bernward unger, media representative markus weidt. The respective department heads are elected in the departments and only confirmed in the general meeting.

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