No management of the trimburg

No management of the trimburg

It is a problem of our time: the clubs are getting older and the new blood is missing – this is also the case for the hubertus guild in euerdorf: "currently we have no members under 18 years of age in 2018", regretted guardian michael fell. Moreover, the management of the trimburg is canceled this year. The reason is the low number of members.

At the annual general meeting, many members demonstrated their interest in the club, among the guests were honorary shooting master robert heilmann as well as honorary members reinhold fritz and egon schreck.

That the hubertus guild is active in sports and contributes to local events was shown in the activity report with the easter, local and king’s shooting, in which everyone could participate. In addition, the bird shooting and the two-day schutzenfest were organized. The association participated in the church parade for the may day celebration. The trimburg was also catered for. However, this is cancelled this year due to the low number of helpers.

The planned vacation program was also cancelled due to a lack of participants. "I would like to thank all those who are active in the association and who are committed to making progress", explained michael fell.

Sports director fedor fetsch reported on the active team, which finished the last season with a 6. The group finished in first place in group B2 with an average of 1361 rings. "This year, things are already looking up: at the moment we are in 3rd place. Place with an average of 1381 rings", fedor fetsch was pleased. Treasurer gerhard blumm reported on the finances, such as the income from hospitality, as well as the expenses, such as. B. For insurance premiums, protection needs, etc. Standen. Auditors michael roder and richard kraus confirmed a faultless management, whereupon a unanimous discharge of the board took place. The members continued to set a dues adjustment.

Second mayor klaus kaufmann praised the association: "the reports have shown that the hubertus guild is a successful association – both in terms of sports and business." kaufmann considered the village and king’s pageant to be a "beautiful institution for the village community" and thanked for hosting. He asked all members to support the board energetically. He also informed the association that each association will receive a grant from the 1300 year celebration. Dem 2. Burgermeister was also responsible, together with the schutzenmeister, for honoring deserving members.

Honored were:
50 years: erika stohling, leo fell, wolfgang lauer
40 years: peter fritz
25 years: christa gigla, harald eiba, franz grosse, albrecht lippert, michael ortmann, helga maurer, hans-jurgen maurer, ralf schmitt, peter fritz
10 years: florian brand, silke kaufmann, johanne kaufmann, klaus kaufmann, julia renninger

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