Sangergroup inspires at the wine festival at the lake

sangergroup inspires at the wine festival at the lake

The sangergruppenfest of the sangergruppe kitzingen under their new leader elke kuhn was a complete success on the stage of the weinfest groblangheim.

The sangergroup stretches from marktbreit and tiefenstockheim to dettelbach and abtswind. After the member choruses have so far mostly held separate events among themselves, chairwoman kuhn – who also chairs the sangergruppe steigerwald – has decided to go more public on special occasions. A few weeks ago, a similar concert took place in the weinparadiesscheune near seinsheim.

Their performance was confirmed by: kinderchor groblangheim (cond: sabrina steller), singverein 1859 rudenhausen (edgar sauer), mannergesangverein sangerlust groblangheim 1912 (christian glowatzki), gesangverein 1910 kleinlangheim (peter pretzer), LEGATO groblangheim (johannes hillebrand-brehm), siedlerchor kitzingen (christian glowatzki), gesangverein stadtschwarzach 1910 (markus steines) and sangerkreis abtswind (ursula zehnder). The song contributions listed on the program sheet between folk songs, hits like marina, capri-fischer or santo domingo and classical contributions like wolfgang amadeus mozarts kleiner nachtmusik promised listening pleasure in the immediate vicinity of the groblangheimer lake.

At choir concerts and song evenings, choirs are largely among themselves and enjoy the contributions of their colleagues from invited clubs. Elke kuhn tries to go beyond this framework and organizes choir events together with local associations on certain occasions, such as wine festivals, where there is usually a lot of public traffic anyway.

Although the individual choruses sang together, visitors to the wine festival sat down in between and visibly enjoyed the musical performances.

There was a very special concert at the end, when the chairwoman first asked all the male choruses and then all the mixed choruses to perform two joint contributions on stage. During the spontaneous encore, the franken-hymn, visitors to the wine festival were happy to sing along, at least as far as they knew the individual verses.

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