Teletechnology helps doctors heal

Teletechnology helps doctors heal

2.5 million euros – roughly estimated – will be needed to set up and operate a center for telemedicine (ZTM) for four years. The "makers agree that this money is very well spent.
Bavaria’s secretary of state for health, melanie huml (CSU), said at the presentation of the demand notice for 2012 that telemedicine could not and should not replace a visit to the doctor, but that it could transfer specialized knowledge to the region. Supporting and enhancing diagnosis and treatment. Talking medicine will not be touched. But it makes more sense to transport data than sick people, says doctor.
The ZTM will also improve the care of heart attack and stroke patients. The stroke angel and cardio angel systems are already in use here: data on patients are transmitted from the ambulance to the hospital, which can prepare itself optimally for the patient. This is how vital time is gained.

For better quality of life

bernd griewing, medical director of the neurological clinic in bad neustadt and chairman of the ZTM association, made it clear that the ZTM can do much more. Diabetics, obese, MS, parkinson’s and lung patients or dialysis patients can also benefit from this. Training is possible, as is the management of electronic medical records.
An "engine" of the ZTM is district administrator thomas bold (CSU). He spoke of a model development for the best possible health care and of a contribution to securing the quality of life. The higher average age and rising life expectancy led to a significant increase in chronic illnesses. The situation is exacerbated by the unfavorable age structure of physicians in private practice and the increasing shortage of physicians in rural areas.

Free state to provide support for four years

249 956.12 euros provided by the state of bavaria for the ZTM in bad kissingen for the first year of operation in 2012. The total cost for this period is indicated at 356 733,22 euros. The county will have to pay ten percent of this amount, the rest will be borne by participating partners who will profit from the ZTM to a not inconsiderable extent. The responsible parties assume that bavaria will financially support the project until 2015 inclusive. Minister president horst seehofer (CSU) announced this in bad kissingen. Originally, the free state wanted to transfer 387,738 euros as the first installment.
The ZTM supporting association under the chairmanship of professor dr. Bernd griewing (bad neustadt) was elected on 19. October 2010 founded. Griewing’s deputy is professor dr. Dr. Peter deeg (bad kissingen). In addition to the six-member board, there is an advisory board with representatives from politics, medicine, industry, health insurance companies, research and pension insurance. More than 30 members have joined the association. The ZTM is housed in the rhon-saale-grunderzentrum (RSG), sieboldstrabe 7.

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