The eberner schutzengesellschaft hit the bull’s eye in many competitions

the eberner schutzengesellschaft hit the bull's eye in many competitions

The honorary evening of the ebern guardian society was the crowning finale of a very successful guardian year.

Schutzenmeister carsten prager and norbert mahr (sand) as the representative of the schutzengau schweinfurt honored members for special achievements and many years of loyalty to the club. Second guardian helmut stubenrauch, tireless in his work for the club and this year pistol king at the gaukonigsschieben as well as sportsman of the year in the habbergekreis, was presented with a full gift basket.

Heidi borschert has been a member of the bayerischer sportschutzenbund (BSSB) and the german schutzenbund (DSB) for 25 years. Her husband, honorary master gunner joseph borschert, has received a plethora of honors during his 40-year membership. Also alexander braunreuther and the versatile rudolf dominka, whom prager described as a "stroke of luck for the association" joined the association in 1979. All three were awarded honorary pins of the club with silver wreath as well as the honorary pins in gold of the DSB. Thanks to his decades of service to the press, wolfgang dietz received an honorary mug.

Gauschutzenmeister mahr praised the schutzengesellschaft as an extremely ruhrigen association and promoted participation in the annual meeting of the gau on 2. February in grafenrheinfeld and at the landesschutzentag, which takes place in furth.

Second schutzenmeister stubenrauch reported on a rough number of titles and placements that the ebern schutzen have accumulated this year. They had represented the club more than worthily at gau, district and bavarian levels all the way up to the german championship, he said.

The club champions

Club champions in the various disciplines were:

Air rifle (LG) men 1, juniors 1: sebastian drobmar. LG men 2, women 2: allen rudel. LG men 3 and 5: helmut stubenrauch. LG/LP mounted (no senior factor): joseph borschert. LG mounted sen 1: helmut stubenrauch. Air pistol (LP) men 1/ladies 1,2: tina hellwig. LP men 2,3: helmut stubenrauch. LG schuler: florian stretz. Underlever rifle C: helmut stubenrauch. Final freehand: sebastian drobmar. Finals auflage: helmut stubenrauch.

The eberner played a good role at the gaume championships. Helmut stubenrauch achieved first place with 39 of a possible 40 hits with the underlever rifle C. The team competition with the underlever rifle was won by stubenrauch, kevin heider and carsten prager. The air pistol competitions were also dominated by the people of ebern, with tina hellwig (LP women 1), ute hauber (women 2) and martin schorr (LP men 2) standing at the top of the podium. Silver was won by helmut stubenrauch in the air pistol competition and by heidi borschert in the LG auflage senior 5 female competition and the LP team of the SG ebern. Bronze medals were awarded to the standard air pistol team and to sebastian drobmar in the men's 100-meter smallbore shooting event.

There were also several places on the podium at the district championships: helmut stubenrauch became champion (underlever rifle C and air pistol/multicompetition). Silver was won by tina hellwig (LP ladies 1) and heidi borschert (LG auflage senen 5 weiblich) as well as the team air pistol standard. Helmut stubenrauch contributed a third place in the air pistol standard competition.

The notice board

For two decades, helmut stubenrauch has dominated the field at the bavarian championship with the underlever rifle C. In 20 starts so far, it has collected 15 bavarian championships as well as a second, third, fourth and fifth place respectively. This year, too, the victory went to him. In addition, there was second place for the team from ebern.

At the german championships, the ebern flagship achieved tenth place with the standard air pistol and fifth place in the multiple air pistol competition.

Joseph and heidi borschert, helmut stubenrauch, heike iffland, martin schorr, allen rudel, ute hauber and florian stretz won gold medals. Joseph borschert won gold medals in two disciplines (LG auflage and LG schlinge).

Stubenrauch also discussed the course of the season so far, with two teams from the ebern shooting team still unbeaten. The club can be proud of its shooters, praised the second shooter champion. 

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