The start was successful

The constituent meeting of the ramsthal municipal council took place in the parish hall due to the corona situation. There was enough room for the council and visitors to comply with the necessary hygiene regulations. Around 20 spectators had also turned up for the event.

The newly elected mayor rainer morper (ABB/interessengemeinschaft) addressed the current situation in his welcoming speech and also talked about possible effects on the community. Since the municipality has projects in the pipeline, such as the construction of a new kindergarten, a possible change in the subsidy regulation will have a significant impact on its financial leeway. In the current crisis, he praised the cohesion of the citizens in the community and the willingness to support each other.

His thanks went to the municipal council of the past six years. There were significant changes in the election process, and a number of long-serving members no longer belong to the committee. These are in detail: edwin metzler (30 years of municipal council), hubert simon (18 years of municipal council), michael gunder (18 years of GR), ralf baldauf (14 years of GR), bernhard gobmann-schmitt (12 years), rainer keller (12 years of GR), karin schmitt (9 years of GR) and martha warmuth (8 years of GR). Due to the current situation, an official farewell to the departing members is to be held as soon as possible.

The swearing in of rainer morper as first mayor was done by his predecessor alfred gundling, the oldest member of the council.

Morper then swore in the following new council members: klaus kemmer (ramsthal list), roland kuhnlein (ABB/interessengemeinschaft), andreas neder (ABB/interessengemeinschaft), daniel lohfink (ramsthal list), stefan sixt (CSU), sebastian wieber (CSU) and florian wahler (ABB-interessengemeinschaft).

At the election of the 2. Mayor morper had already done the groundwork and presented new council member andreas neder for election as a man of his trust. Alfred gundling was proposed as candidate by sebastian wieber. The choice fell with 7 of 13 votes on andreas neder.

Second ballot necessary

For the election of the 3. Mayor, morper proposed the current incumbent andreas gunder. No other proposals were made. In the secret ballot, however, other candidates also received votes. Andreas gunder received 6 votes, daniel lohfink received 3 votes, alfred gundling received 3 votes, and markus lomb received 1 vote. Since an absolute majority is required for the election, a second ballot was held. After lot decision because of equality of votes between lohfink and gundling now gundling competed against gunder. Gundling was elected with 7 votes to the 3. Mayor elected.

Michael unsleber informs as head of the administrative community of euerdorf about the necessary resolution on the rules of the community council. There were no significant changes except for the proposal to increase the mayor’s budget to 4000 euros. The community council agreed to the proposal.

Markus lomb (CSU) expressed the wish that meeting documents should increasingly be transmitted in digital form. The head of administration pointed out that documents for non-public meetings may not be sent by e-mail because of confidentiality. Before the end of the year, the introduction of a council information system is planned, through which the councillors will then have password-protected access to more documents.

Roland herterich (ABB/interest group) asked the mayor to deal only with legally required topics in the non-public part of the meeting, in order to enable the greatest possible transparency of the work of the municipal council for the citizen. The mayor agreed to this.

The council approved a building application for changes to a garage entrance in schaffthal and the erection of a carport and the associated exemptions from various distance requirements. A building application for the construction of a residential building in the reichlersweg area had already been submitted to the municipal council at the last meeting. The developer had been asked by the community to provide further information on the planned water and wastewater connections, which has not yet been done. Since a building application that has not been dealt with conclusively for eight weeks is automatically approved by the municipality, the council rejected it in the form presented. The planned wastewater drainage does not correspond to the community’s ideas, and coordination with the district administration should take place.

Andreas gunder informed about the current status of the forest kindergarten, which he had initiated. There were eight parents interested in the cooperation. Due to the restrictions on meetings, the further joint development was delayed. Now a discussion should be held with the corresponding department of the district office, in order to realize the project possibly still in this year. In response to markus lomb’s question as to whether the waldkindergarten should become part of the ramsthal kindergarten or whether it should be run by a separate association, gunder said that the tendency was towards the association. Andreas neder wanted to know if there were any plans for a change in the kindergarten vacation in august. Many working mothers may have had a need for this because vacation days had to be taken due to the current limited childcare situation and are now no longer available in august. The mayor said that the requirements and needs had to be waited for.

The council decided to keep the meeting fee unchanged at 20 euro.

Committees, working groups, committees

At the beginning of a term of office, a fulle of committees, working groups and representatives in various bodies are to be determined. The municipal council elected and seconded as follows:

Audit committee:

Markus lomb (chairman) – deputy andreas neder;

Sebastian wieber (deputy. Chairman) – deputy alfred gundling;

Klaus kemmer – deputy daniel lohfink;

Andreas gunder – representative martin thurmer;

Marriage-loving registrars:

Mayor rainer morper, andreas neder, alfred gundling

Representatives in the alliance frankisches saaletal: mayor rainer morper, roland herterich (also auditor)

Working group clear plant: mayor rainer morper, alfred gundling, andreas gunder, roland herterich, daniel lohfink (representatives andreas neder and florian wahler)

Seniors representative:

Klaus kemmer, florian wahler, roland kuhnlein

Youth representative:

Sebastian wieber, andreas gunder, roland kuhnlein

Working group construction matters: stefan sixt, daniel lohfink, roland herterich, alfred gundling

Working group forest – forest – environment: stefan sixt, markus lomb, roland herterich, andreas gunder, daniel lohfink, andreas neder

Working group tourism – marketing – digital: klaus kemmer, florian wahler, andreas neder, markus lomb, sebastian wieber

Representatives of the association:

Mayor rainer morper, andreas neder, stefan sixt

Kindergarten representatives:

Markus lomb, martin thurmer, florian wahler, alfred gundling

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