These ways are a model for the whole village

these ways are a model for the whole village

At the annual general meeting of the floriansjunger, club chairman robert pfeiffer named him an honorary member. Together with schantura, five active firefighters were honored by district administrator tamara bischof and district fire inspector norbert kempf for their 40 years of service with the firefighters’ badge of honor in gold from the state of bavaria.

Showcase firefighters
for district administrator bischof, the honored are model firefighters. They are "special role models for the entire village". Their active volunteering is priceless. A big praise also came from KBI kempf, who especially emphasized the good youth work in the fire brigade.

Diligently trained
commander jens gunther thanked the honorees and their comrades for their efforts during the past year. Numerous training events and drills kept his "manner" fit in theory and practice. The focus was on the spring subung, which was carried out together with the fire departments of horblach and dullstadt. The exercise was prompted by a serious traffic accident. The local fire chief described the voluntary apprenticeships of three firefighters as gratifying. David moslein completed his training as a group leader, christian pfannes as an instructor in the fire department and josef ritschel as a fire department leader.

The commander sees the acquisition of a new thermal imaging camera for the market in schwarzach as a positive development, as it facilitates operations in "obscure" areas moments make life easier.

With such role models as reinhold schantura, who kept order in the firehouse for 19 years, it’s no wonder that the election of the fire department’s officers took place so quickly. Arno rub, volker laudenbach, stefan hegler and horst pfeiffer took over this position for the next three years.

Socializing is not neglected
46 active and eight youths are currently members of the F schwarzenau. As association chairman robert pfeiffer announced, 24 passive and demanding members support the floriansjunger. For him, it is important that the many training courses do not miss out on the social side. Traditionally, an autumn festival, an excursion (to the ochsenfurt sugar factory), a boiled meat dinner and a firemen’s ball were organized.

The next generation is motivated
youth manager christian pfannes praised his motivated junior staff as well as his deputy jonathan scheidig as a "rough props.
Reinhold schantura also wants to remain a pillar of the fire department. 45 years of commitment to the fire brigade speak for themselves.

Honors: honorary member: reinhold schantura. 40 years of service: horst pfeiffer, lorenz seufert, hubert pfeiffer, andreas rub, erich kempf

election of the trustworthy: arno rub, volker laudenbach, stefan hegler, horst pfeiffer fp

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