This is how the new kronach card is supposed to strengthen kronach’s retail trade

Will the euro soon be obsolete as a means of payment in kronach?? Not yet, but a step has been taken. On friday, johannes fehn, chairman of finance at kronacherleben, presented the kronach card. The voucher card was initiated at the request of many customers. "The club is growing, says fehn. More and more burgers have therefore asked for a voucher card from kronacherleben.

It was important to the association that a grocery store be represented on the kronach card. With the rewe market this has come true. In addition to members of kronacherleben, the card also includes kronacher weihnacht stalls. If it is feasible, the city of kronach should also be involved. "But these are still unlaid eggs, says fehn.

In the future, participating stores will be marked with a poster. A QR code on the voucher will also list the activities.

Supporting stationary trade

The cards can be purchased at the VR-bank and sparkasse branches in kronach. The kronach card is financed by the association itself. "This is of course an expensive matter. But I think it’s incredibly good for kronach because we’re tying up capital for kronach", according to fehn. The card is intended to strengthen the stationary trade.

If payment is made with the kronach card in a participating store, the merchants can either resell the card to their customers or have the association pay out the money from the cards.

Fehn does not find it problematic that with the kronach card, there will soon be two voucher cards in kronach in addition to the voucher card of the kronach action group. "We want to work together, not against each other", he emphasizes. On a menu, you can finally choose between several dishes, he says. Vouchers are the most common means for such promotions.

A conscious decision was also made for the sales outlets – also for reasons of safety. "Banks are reputable, says fehn.

The kronach card does not suit everyone

Competition revives the business. At least this is a common truism. However, the kronach action group is not particularly happy about the kronach card. "This is a one-to-one copy of our successful concept", finds dietrich denzner, chairman of the action group. His fear: two different voucher cards were used only to confuse the consumer.

The vouchers, like the kronach card, can be purchased at the kronach branches of the VR bank and the sparkasse.

Denzner does not blame the banks: "that is business thinking." the same points of sale he sees nevertheless critically, the customer would not know at all more, which he is to buy. Two different outlets might have been a solution. The voucher cards of the aktionsgemeinschaft have been available for around 15 years. "We have always developed them further", says the chairman.

First there were the gift vouchers in paper form, since four years there are them in check card format. In addition, the value of each ticket has been changed to ten euros. About 80 businesses are involved in the voucher card of the action group. A few of them are now also represented on the kronach card.

The shops are marked with the logo of the aktionsgemeinschaft and a poster. The voucher cannot be drawn in stores that are not members of the association. Denzner does not understand why the new vouchers are needed. "Everyone has to fight and then we make life difficult for ourselves."

City: strengthening the specialist trade

The town hall takes a much more positive stance. "The card supplements the range of services offered by the action group with additional specialist retailers – the specialist retailers who are involved in kronacherleben," says dietrich denzner, says kronach’s second mayor angela hofmann.

So the customers and the presented had the possibility of the selection. "The donor thus expresses his connection to the specialist trade in kronach. All in all, i therefore see a further strengthening of the local specialist trade", emphasizes hofmann. The kronach card enables local economic cycles.

City requested as a partner

The city did not have to approve the kronach card. "The decision is made by the members of the association on their own responsibility", so hofmann. The city of kronach has been approached as a partner, she confirms. The inquiry is still examined, in principle the city is gladly thereby. The city is also a partner in the vouchers of the action group. Thus the tourism and event enterprise accept already coupons of the action community.

The member companies of the kronach card

Pharmacies stern pharmacy, sudstern pharmacy

Baumarkte karst building materials

Service musicbeam

Electrical goods elektro kaim-lieb

Food/drink cocono, foodbox, knut events, karibik bar, kraus butchery, backstube mockel, mullers backhaus, getrankevertrieb ultsch

Health/fitness/wellness care service& day care foidl, beauty balance birgit shah-rader

Industry kober alive, chic

Department store weka

Food spices of all kinds, REWE market

Leather goods leather kestel

Fashion/clothing we 2 both

Optics optics stockert, optics lindlein

Interior design AWK, carpentry stockert

Legal advice law firm mitter

Sports shop bike-center dressel

Jewelry gold muller

Tourism rosi ross foreign driver

Insurance alliance ruppert

Christmas market chippis gluhweinparadies, jochens heibe bude, parti gmbh, polifka event, porzelt elisabeth, rosenbergalm, vergnugungspark geiselwind

Advertising amadeus verlag, astrium werbungfr

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