Together we move forward

Together we move forward

The kissinger bogen alliance met for its general meeting with new elections in the rhonfesthalle in stangenroth. The alliance’s work is now headed by the 1. Mayor of the municipality of nudlingen, harald hofmann (CSU). His deputies are the 1. Mayors of the three alliance markets: daniel wehner (CSU), market burkardroth, andreas sandwall (CSU), market bad bocklet and mario gotz (CSU), market oberthulba.

The allianz kissinger bogen association, based in burkardroth, has been in existence since 2014. To counteract the various effects of demographic change, the markets of bad bocklet, oberthulba and burkardroth and the municipality of nudlingen formed the alliance at that time.

The purpose of the association is, among other things, the demand, preservation and sustainable development of the natural basis of life, but also the regional, economic, tourist and social aspects and the cultural identity.

Projects in various areas

The then 1. Chairman since the foundation waldemar bug (odp), 1. Burgermeister a. D. Of the market burkard-roth. Since then, the association has launched a number of projects, such as the energy concept, the hospitality voucher and the gemuse basket.

One advantage of the cooperation are the joint projects that could not be realized on their own: these include the rough projects grungitter or flash flood management. But the cooperation also has an impact on the administrative and social levels, for example in the networking of kindergarten teachers, who set up together at the alliance day 2019 in oberthulba.

The alliance is supported by VR bank bad kissingen eg, raiffeisenbank nudlingen and sparkasse bad kissingen.

At the meeting there were some personnel changes. New allianz rates are silvia metz, 2. Mayor of the market town of burkardroth, norbert borst, 2. Burgermeister market bad bocklet, christian metz (auditor, market burkardroth), christine fell (auditor, municipality nudlingen) and barbara schulze (auditor, market bad bocklet).

The members of the council continue to be jurgen kolb, 2. Burgermeister market oberthulba, frank mersdorf, auditor market oberthulba and edgar thomas, 2. Mayor of the municipality of nudlingen.

But besides some newcomers, there were other changes in the club: no longer active in the allianz kissinger bogen are waldemar bug, former 1. Chairman as well as gotthard schlereth, who was deputy bugs and christian hofler, the former bill auditor.

Also eliminated are holger tillman, the former 2. Mayor of bad bocklet, peter holzheimer, the former comptroller and martin hildmann, also former comptroller.

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