Trial singing planned

Chairman gerald redwitz looked back on an eventful year at the annual general meeting of the "eintracht" male choral society prob in the guesthouse schroder in gundersreuth back. The choir community with dollnitz had received much praise and recognition at many performances. With 30 singing hours and eight public appearances they were very active.

Michael lauterbach was able to report a satisfactory cash balance. Jorg steinhauser certified the cashier a clean bookkeeping.

Choir director alexander lauterbach was satisfied with the attendance at the singing sessions. All planned performances could be carried out. He would be pleased if one or two singers found their way to the harmonious male voice choir.

Mayor robert bosch pointed out the cultural importance of singing clubs. He thanked for the great festive afternoon in the summer hall, which was connected with the award of the zelter plaque. It was an advertisement for the choral singing. The chairwoman of the thurnau-kasendorf singing group, berthilde zapf, expressed her thanks for the organization of the singing group festival in mainleus.

The new elections resulted in the following: chairman and secretary gerald redwitz, second chairman and choir director alexander lauterbach, treasurer michael lauterbach, music supervisor andreas lauterbach, assessors siegfried steinhauser, gunther hereth, harald neumann and horst wolfel, cash auditors harald neumann and jorg steinhauser.

The singing lessons begin on 20. February in dollnitz, on 17. May is the participation in the church concert of the sangergruppe in kasendorf planned, on 10. June a performance at the song evening in azendorf.

In the spring a taster singing lesson should be held. The main aim is to attract young singers, but former singers should also be invited to ensure the continuity of the choir. Everyone who wants to sing in a male voice choir is invited to join

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