Turnverein dettelbach becomes 150

Turnverein dettelbach becomes 150

The gymnastics club dettelbach celebrates its 150th anniversary on two weekends. A ceremony last friday opened the celebrations. From next friday follows a sport and celebration weekend.

TV dettelbach looks back on a long, eventful and successful past. In the wake of the german gymnastics festival in coburg in 1860, the gymnastics club was founded two years later on the 5th of august. April 1862 young men who like to move founded the gymnastics club dettelbach. In the beginning the association had 37 members, today it has 783 members. Only one year later the young club bought a flag for 103 gulden and 36 kreuzer. This flag still exists today and is the oldest club flag in northern bavaria. It was restored a few years ago and since then rests in a glass case in the town hall. The bavarian office for the preservation of historical monuments included the flag in the list of movable monuments.

In the first years the gymnastic activities took place exclusively in the open air. It was not until 1871 that the sportsmen were able to pursue their hobby in winter, because the city fathers made the town hall available for their use. The premises changed several times. Step by step, the TV expanded its range of activities. 1924 one can read for the first time of a ladies' team. A short time later, a handball department was added and currently eight different departments are united under the umbrella of the TV. However, the founding branch, the gymnastics, no longer belongs to it. As with many other associations, TV activities came to a standstill during the war.

Chairman werner seifert, who led through the commemorative evening, spoke of many challenges passed during the 150-year history of the association. Today, the company is a modern multi-discipline club that is aware of its social responsibility. Patroness landratin tamara bischof congratulated, spoke of the great importance of the associations for the communities and the society and spelled the word "association" as follows: V stands for diversity, E for energy, R for regular, E for commitment, I for integration and N for sustainability. Mayor reinhold kuhn praised especially the youth work of the club. In addition to physical exercise, the young people were able to learn and experience important personal and social skills such as stress management, camaraderie and the feeling of being part of a community.

Even the president of the bavarian state sports association gunther lommer came to the celebration. "They are among the 150 oldest clubs in bavaria, two-thirds of them come from france. Only 99 are older than the TV dettelbach."With this statement the pride in the founding fathers and the long history of the club grew powerfully. Further keynote speeches were given by gunter diez from the gymnastics district of lower franconia, reinhard pfennig from the kitzingen table tennis district association, peter neuweg from the bavarian handball association and hermann gob for the dettelbach clubs, as well as dettelbach's wine princess franziska goblirsch.

After the presentation of the association's chronicle in words and pictures, the eight departments of the association introduced themselves. Peter kribmer did this for the handball team, manfred weisenseel for the table tennis team, holger laurus for tennis, marga luckert for women's gymnastics, jana funke for step aerobics, gisela klein for nordic walking, ulla kemmer for taekwondo and martina seifert for yoga.

On the coming weekend the celebrations find their conclusion.


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