Tv year 2019: tv moments of the year

tv year 2019: tv moments of the year

They were jarring, sad, bizarre, and sometimes downright hilarious – the best TV moments of the year.

Koln 50667: "koln 50667" mourned on 23. October around a friend. Actors of the reality soap say goodbye on screen to their colleague ingo kantorek who died in an accident. Kantorek made his last appearance that evening on rtlzwei as alex kowalski. A woman’s voice from offstage said: "alex, you have left us and koln forever. We will miss you infinitely and never forget you. And all the memories – they remain."

Kantorek’s colleagues mandy-kay bart, danny liedtke and christoph oberheide read farewell letters one after the other in the setting of alex’s loft. In mid august, kantorek (44) and his wife (48) hit a truck in the middle of the night while entering a parking lot on the A8 at a speed of at least 100 kph. The circumstances will probably never be clarified again.

THE MASKED SINGER: millions of spectators seized by carnival fever in midsummer. The prosieben show "the masked singer" unleashed a huge hype. The concept is so simple that it’s almost surprising it didn’t land on german television until 2019: celebrities dress up until you don’t recognize them and perform on a stage. Everyone else has to guess who’s behind them. A darling of the public dressed up as an astronaut not only had to assert himself against animal rivals such as grasshopper, panther, octopus or kudu, but also against an angel and a pink monster. The first season was won by max mutzke.

FERNSEHGARTEN: to the dismay of ZDF "fernsehgarten" host andrea kiewel, comedian luke mockridge phoned in a banana on the stage of her live show in mid august, insulted senior citizens, made fart noises and imitated a monkey. In his "greatnightshow" weeks later on sat.1 mockridge revealed that he developed the in languages with three girls and three boys of elementary school age. His new show on sat.1 was hardly helped by all this.

QUEEN OF DRAGS and PRINCE CHARMING: queer tv content conquered the screens in autumn. Prosieben brought the travesty artist show "queen of drags" with heidi klum, conchita wurst and bill kaulitz, the RTL streaming service with "prince charming" a kind of gay bachelor. So much gay visibility was rare. TV is becoming more diverse.

TATORT: munster was again ratings king. More than 14 million people watched the double-ganger farce "spieglein, spieglein" in march. Saying goodbye to inga lursen in bremen after a good 21 years (sabine postel). Their colleague stedefreund (oliver mommsen) died.

DOKU: the documentary of the year was probably "leaving neverland. Worldwide sensational, the controversial production, however, remained with mauer ratings during the prosieben broadcast in april. In the film, two men make serious allegations of abuse against pop star michael jackson, who died in 2009.

STREAMING: on netflix, the third and fourth german productions went online: "how to sell drugs online (fast)" as well as the frankfurt hip-hop series "skylines.

SERIES END: the award-winning fantasy saga "game of thrones" came to an end after eight seasons and 73 episodes. Eight years of "got" captivated fans around the world. The sitcom "the big bang theory" also saw its finale after nearly twelve years. In germany, prosieben showed the big bang finale in november; in the USA, it was already shown in may. On ARD, the donna leon crime series centered around commissario brunetti ended with the 26th episode. Case. Since 2000, joachim krol has played the role of brunetti, followed by uwe kockisch in 2003.

RECORD: 72 hours of live moderating from 12. Until 15. November (17.30 a.M.) radio hosts ariane alter and sebastian meinberg on ARD-alpha – setting a new guinness book world record for the longest TV talk show. Presenters were only allowed to take five minute breaks per hour or accumulate that time to take longer breaks. Meinberg didn’t take his first break until shortly after halftime, and ariane alter didn’t even take her break until after more than 41 hours. The previous record was set in syria in 2014 and stood at 70 hours and 5 minutes.

EUROVISION: the eurovision song contest in tel aviv resulted in a lot of vices because of madonna’s unsuccessful guest appearance. Germany’s performance in the final was predictably bad and got even worse a few days later. Due to a points mismatch, germany ended up in second to last place. How did the song hit again?

DAILY SHOW: on 14. In march, millions were shocked because anchorman jan hofer seemed dazed at the end of the "tagesschau. Before that he had already mumbled and promised himself. He himself later suspected that he had not been able to tolerate a medication. On 12. September hofer twitched a cell phone at the end of the 8 p.M. "Tagesschau" and took a selfie. That should draw attention to the instagram account of the "tagesschau".

CASH FOR RARES: A RECORD DEAL OF 42.000 euros for a relic cross with alleged wood shards of the cross of jesus triggered debates – were the sellers fobbed off too cheaply? Had show creators send them to an auction house?

GOLDEN CAMERA: memorable was the appearance of swedish climate activist and schoolgirl greta thunberg, who read the celebrities the riot act and demanded more flight shame.

SHOW: many praised the action of joko winterscheidt and klaas heufer-umlauf as the TV moment of the year. In their new show "joko& klaas vs. Prosieben" won 15 minutes of completely free time. Instead of blodeling, the duo gave a prime-time performance on 29. May three people space for the topics refugee aid/sea rescue in the mediterranean, homelessness and the fight against right-wing extremism.

DEPARTURES: outstanding TV personalities have died. Among others, the television audience had to say goodbye to "kommissarin" hannelore elsner (at 76), former "tagesschau" anchorman wilhelm wieben (at 84), singer and ex-jungle king costa cordalis (at 75), "in aller freundschaft" actress ursula karusseit (at 79), cabaret artist and sports commentator werner schneyder (at 82), news anchorwoman wibke bruhns (at 80), "alf" family father max wright (at 75), racing driver and sports expert niki lauda (at 70) and "beverly hills, 90210" star luke perry (at 52).

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