Upper eggerbachbund had to completely reorganize itself

Upper eggerbachbund had to completely reorganize itself

Wolfgang nagengast got to the heart of the message for the upcoming municipal elections, according to a press release: "if we want to be well represented in the municipal council here in the upper eggerbachgrund, then the citizens must elect the upper eggerbachbund (OEB)". He is the new list leader of the OEB and chaired the nomination meeting. The OEB had to completely reorganize itself, as the councillors helmut amon and erich weis no longer wished to run for the market town council. Both were applauded for their many years of service to the OEB. Nagengast is currently a councillor for the junge marktgemeinde (JM) and will not be standing for re-election.

For the five villages of the upper eggerbachgrund weigelshofen, drosendorf, drugendorf, gotzendorf and tiefensturmig nagengast informed about the measures implemented in the last six years and those planned for the future. He placed particular emphasis on the redevelopment of the town centers through the village renewal programs and the creation of living space.

The list

The OEB members present unanimously nominated the following people in list order: wolfgang nagengast (weigelshofen), christian grieb (drosendorf), uwe muhlmichl (drugendorf), agnes fronhofer (gotzendorf), michael kraus (tiefensturmig), jochen loffelmann (weigelshofen), matthias thiem (drugendorf), markus nagengast (tiefensturmig), bernhard amon (drosendorf), markus haslbeck (gotzendorf), benedikt nagengast (weigelshofen), tanja beyerlein (drugendorf), maria gotz (weigelshofen), kay muller (drugendorf), eva gebhard (tiefensturmig), dieter forst (drugendorf), alfons puff (drosendorf), theresa gebhardt (drugendorf), matthias erlwein (weigelshofen); substitutes: florian nagengast (drugendorf), gerlinde nagengast (weigelshofen).

Afterwards the OEB nominated claus schwarzmann, who had already been nominated by the burgerbund (BB), as a candidate for the position of mayor. Schwarzmann praised the good political cooperation between OEB and BB and thanked them for "the honor of being nominated a fifth time". He has the strength, the will and the creativity to continue working for the eggolsheim market for another six years. He further emphasized: "no political force in eggolsheim serves as many fields of action as BB and OEB. We combine social, ecological and economic aspects and have been providing excellent quality of life in the entire eggolsheim market for decades." claus schwarzmann and substitute candidate frederik jung were nominated without opposing vote.

The OEB, according to its own statements, had managed the generation change, had put up a convincing list for the municipal elections in 2020 and wanted to continue to take responsibility for the market community and especially for the communities of the upper eggerbachgrund.

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