Vaccination team donates for children

Kulmbach hospital donates 6,000 euros to the children’s residential groups of the schwister gummi foundation. Managing director brigitte angermann, together with thomas banse, head of nephrology and dialysis and chairman of the hygiene committee, and michael ernst, head of hygiene, presented the donation. As part of the bavarian vaccination strategy, hospital employees could be vaccinated in the clinics.

2300 vaccinations were carried out at the kulmbach hospital, for which the state of bavaria paid a fee. The vaccination team at the kulmbach hospital decided to donate a part of these earnings to. Managing director brigitte angermann said: "we are very happy to be able to help locally". "For the vaccination team, it was quickly clear that we wanted to donate this amount", erklarte thomas banse "and we wanted to donate regionally".

During a previous conversation, a representative of the vaccination team had already been informed in detail about the work of the sisters’ gum foundation and its upcoming projects. The interest of the guests in information about the admission of children to residential care groups, their everyday life and their prospects was very great.

Edeltraud dahlhoff, head of the family and education department of the geschwister-gummi foundation, was pleased and thanked the vaccination team: "the children who live in the residential groups have had extreme experiences, here they get the chance to build up a bond again. When we take responsibility for children, we do so completely."

New bicycles and trips for the children

The donation will be used for recreational activities such as a new tipi tent, a fire pit on the grounds of the children’s residential groups, as well as for new bicycles and upcoming excursions.

"During the autumn vacations, the children are already off to "playmobil land", says kevin lamour from the sternstunden children’s home.

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