Venezuela: alleged plot to assassinate president uncovered

Venezuela: alleged plot to assassinate president uncovered

The suspects were caught in a hotel in the capital, caracas. Investigators recovered two rifles, military uniforms and photos of maduro and parliamentary president diosdado cabello. In july, the venezuelan government had already informed about a conspiracy to murder maduro and cabello. The plot involved people in miami, panama and colombia, it said at the time.

Parliamentary president cabello blamed former colombian president alvaro uribe for attack plot. "We know who is behind the plans of the venezuelan right: it is senor alvaro uribe," he told the television station telesur. "They want a bloodbath."

Uribe is considered a bitter opponent of the left-wing populist government in caracas. In an interview with the television station NTN 24, he called the accusations against him infamous. Venezuelan opposition leader henrique capriles also relegated the attack plot to the realm of legends. "No one believes this story," the newspaper "el universal" quoted the governor of the state of miranda. "People laugh at these revisions, but we must see what effects they have."

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