Wehr has many new tasks

Wehr has many new tasks

"The tasks of fire departments have changed considerably over the decades – they are a reflection of changes in society", the 1. Board member detlef heim at the annual meeting of the pfaffenhausen volunteer fire department. Firefighting missions are clearly on the decline. One-third fire-related and two-thirds technical assistance services. The training is following suit and what the women and men are learning today is much more complex than it was a few years ago, explained heim.
"I only say: hats off! Today’s firefighting service deserves respect and makes it clear what our young people have to accomplish in their free time in order to train to become a firefighter or a firefighter driver. " heim thanked all those who "take on the task" in our fire brigade and perform the service for the general public."

137 members
the pfaffenhausen fire department currently has 137 members (51 active, 47 passive, 25 calling and eleven firefighters). At the state ceremony in the red castle in hammelburg, edgar sitzmann and stefan sitzmann were honored for 25 years of active service. In his review, heim recalled, among other things, the church parade on florian’s day and the fire department festivals in langendorf and obererthal. An excursion led to the oktoberfest in munich.
Secretary lukas hofbauer read out the minutes of the last general meeting, followed by the cash audit report by kurt tumpach. Treasurer ulrike neder was certified for correct and clear cash management. The discharge was unanimous.
In the past year, the fire department had five operations, reported commander manfred bronner, including three fires and a motorcycle accident, and a security guard at the st. John’s fire.
A first aid course was held again this year. At this year’s performance test, all 21 participants passed their badge. Five participants from the youth group successfully completed the knowledge test in hammelburg. In addition, a rally in westheim and the autumn rally were attended by a very good number of people.

two new members were announced, lisa vogel and verena kreb. Patrick keller transferred to the active fire brigade. The following players retired from active service: roland schmitt, thomas donislreiter, alexander gluck, shadi aschrafi. Niklas gunther was promoted to chief firefighter and andreas richard and franziska kreb to senior firefighter.
The pfaffenhausen youth fire department held 15 training sessions during the year, reported youth spokeswoman bianca oschmann. The outgoing youth speaker thanked for the support during her term of office and wished her successor anna neder and her deputy denis onal all the best.
Mayor armin warmuth thanked the fire department for their commitment for the good of the city of hammelburg. The future of the pfaffenhauser fire department is secured by the good youth work. KBM elmar eisenmann also praised the newcomer demand.

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